Professionalization Workshop, Venice, May 27-June 7, 2013

9:00 am- 12:00 pm each morning of the first week, with a half-hour break
Cost: US$800, including up to 10 nights in dorm-room housing
The deadline is now past; please email if you have any questions about the workshop

Monday, May 27: Intro and Overview, plus Conferences and Proposal Writing
Guests: Nancy Henry and Catherine Robson

How do I negotiate Venice? What do I need to know about living here for two weeks?
What are the goals of this professionalization workshop?
How do I write a strong proposal?
What strategies can help me get into a conference?
Which conferences should I attend?
How can I make the most out of a conference?
Additional activity (1:00-3:00 pm): walking tour that helpfully points out the post office, ATMs, grocery shopping, good food for cheap, tourist advice, and the best ice cream and pizza in Venice

Tuesday, May 28: Grant-Writing and Research Support
Guests: Kate Flint, Meredith Martin, and Alison Wood [possibly also Eileen Gillooly]

How do I find out about possible grants?
How do I write a successful application?
How do I write a strong project narrative?
What are postdoctoral fellowships and how can I get one?
Can I pursue my research without getting a job as a professor?

Wednesday, May 29: Publishing
Guests: Ruth Livesey, Lucinda Matthews-Jones, Helen Rogers, and Carolyn Williams

How does a published article differ from a seminar paper?
How do I choose the right journal?
How do I write a cover letter?
How do I write a strong introduction?
Should I publish in electronic venues?

Thursday, May 30: The Market, Part I
Guests: Angela Esterhammer, Christine Ferguson, Pamela Gilbert, Barbara Leckie, Meredith Martin, Wendy Parkins, and Diane Piccito [possibly also Carolyn Williams]

What are the differences among American, Canadian, European, and Australian markets?
How do I write a strong job letter and cv?
What do I need to know about interviews and job talks?

Friday, May 31: The Market, Part II
Guests: Eileen Gillooly and Alison Wood

Should I/ how do I prepare a teaching portfolio?
Can I negotiate when offered a contract? What can I ask for?
What if I can’t get a job as a professor?
Can I follow other career paths?

Monday, June 3: Panel on the State of the Field (10:00 am to 12:00 pm)
Panelists: Regenia Gagnier (U Exeter), Kate Flint (U Southern California), Jock Macleod (Griffith U, Australia)

Friday, June 7: The Morning After (9:30 am to 12:00 pm)
Guests: John Paul Kanwit and Renata Kobetts Miller

What should I do once the conference is over?
What should I do once I get a job? We’ll address salary compression, how to handle a heavy teaching load, tenure and promotion issues, and how to make it successfully to tenure.
Also, each participant will present a report on the conference: what did I learn from the conference? What did I learn about the best strategies for succeeding at conference presentation? What is the state of the field and where should we go from here?
Final Q&A

Venice photo

A street scene, Venice