Call for Papers

North American Victorian Studies Association
British Association for Victorian Studies
Australasian Victorian Studies Association


For the first time, the three major conferences on the Victorian period, NAVSA, BAVS, and AVSA, will join forces for a conference in Venice Italy, to be held June 3 to June 6, 2013.

The conference theme is the local and the global. Proposals could address such topics as:

Global Circulation
Geopolitical Commodities
Glocal Cities
Imagined Communities and Imaginary Places
Traveling, Tourism, Guide Books and Travel Writing
Trains and Speed, Spatialization and Temporality
Trade, Markets, and Dissemination
Empire and Rebellion
British Reception of Italian Music and Visual Arts
Art Collecting, Museums, Libraries, and Galleries
Dialect Literature
Victorian Roots
Victorians and the “Risorgimento”
Religious Difference
The Perception of Otherness
The Country and the City
The Local Artifact and Digital Networking

Proposals will be due October 4, 2012. Proposals should be sent to They should be two pages (500 words) with a one-page curriculum vitae and should be submitted electronically as an attachment in .doc or .pdf format. If a whole panel is proposed, please include a cover letter explaining the logic behind the panel. All participants must have paid 2013 dues to NAVSA, BAVS, or AVSA:

Questions should be directed to:

Venice photo

Water door, Venice